Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweating like George Bush and Karl Rove in Church

All I can say is DAMN IT'S HOT!!!!!

Now, I understand that this is pretty typical for South Carolina, especially here in the Charleston area but please note: I AM A NATIVE PENNSYLVANIAN. It is NEVER this hot up there unless you are digging a fallen piece of chicken nugget out of the bottom of a 400 degree oven. Ok, as I write this, I can hear my husband's voice nagging me in my ear that I hate to be cold and to that I say BUT IN THE WINTER, YOU CAN PUT MORE CLOTHES ON HENCE THE REASON I KNIT NICE AND TOASTY GARMENTS. IN THE SUMMER, YOU CAN ONLY TAKE OFF SO MUCH AND SPARE YOUR CHILDREN PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE. Know what I mean????

On the knitting front, I am finishing up the second arm of the pinwheel sweater. It should be finished up tonight while I watch Supernanny with my screaming children and sleeping husband. I think I will add a couple inches of crochet border instead of that i-cord along the edge. Perhaps in a contrasting color....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So much to little coffee

First and foremost, my daughter has returned from spending the summer with her dad in PA. Her not being with me is like missing an arm...which makes knitting VERY difficult...

Speaking of knitting...

Bubba's sweater was coming along nicely until.....

Notice anything a bit off???? That's right! I started and stopped at the exact same place in the pattern 3 different times. So off to the land of rippit I go. I frogged back to where I was supposed to be and haven't touched it since because I have been preparing for the Ravelympics.

I have decided to make a pinwheel sweater as a gift and Summerbreeze for my daughter. I am making a practice pinwheel for my youngest daughter to get comfy with the pattern and yarn.

It is a very easy knit. I decided to do an afterthought arm hole as opposed to the provisional cast on that the pattern called for. The directions were not clear to me so after doing some research, I found the afterthought and thought it perfect. Gonna be GREAT!!!! I am currently on the last row and am about ready to bind off then work up the arms.

Please remember to love your family and appreciate every single second that you have with them. Yes, they may drive you crazy and yes, quiet down time is good too, but revel in their love for you and yours for them for one day, one of you will be gone and all that may be left is regret and tears. Whether it may be to mend a broken friendship or going the extra mile for a loved one, do something important today. It will come back to you ten fold.