Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweating like George Bush and Karl Rove in Church

All I can say is DAMN IT'S HOT!!!!!

Now, I understand that this is pretty typical for South Carolina, especially here in the Charleston area but please note: I AM A NATIVE PENNSYLVANIAN. It is NEVER this hot up there unless you are digging a fallen piece of chicken nugget out of the bottom of a 400 degree oven. Ok, as I write this, I can hear my husband's voice nagging me in my ear that I hate to be cold and to that I say BUT IN THE WINTER, YOU CAN PUT MORE CLOTHES ON HENCE THE REASON I KNIT NICE AND TOASTY GARMENTS. IN THE SUMMER, YOU CAN ONLY TAKE OFF SO MUCH AND SPARE YOUR CHILDREN PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE. Know what I mean????

On the knitting front, I am finishing up the second arm of the pinwheel sweater. It should be finished up tonight while I watch Supernanny with my screaming children and sleeping husband. I think I will add a couple inches of crochet border instead of that i-cord along the edge. Perhaps in a contrasting color....

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