Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Monday, right?

Here it is. Another Monday in a lifetime full of them. I must say, though, that being a stay at home mom makes it kind of hard to keep track of days, especially in the summer when there is no school.

I have spent a majority of the day trying to finish my daughter's blanket that I am knitting for her to put in her bedroom at her dad's house. She doesn't care for the polka dot one that her soon to be step-mom picked out. Can't say that I blame her there....

My children are pushing me closer and closer to the edge. My son Maddox, who is 2, has decided that his sister makes a wonderful punching bag and is CONVINCED that she loves to be pushed over. As Olivia is my daughter, she expresses her disdain immediately and promptly runs to mommy for a consolation hug before running off to begin the whole process again. I am rather anxiously waiting the day that she suddenly decides that she has had quite enough of the bullying and wails him a good one. Again....she IS my daughter.

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