Monday, October 6, 2008

His bit*h? Um, I don't think so

It's Monday. I hate Mondays. The reason I hate Mondays is because I always let myself down. I always say that I am going to start this week on a positive note and accomplish everything that I set out to do. I even wrote a to-do list this morning:

1) Finish and put away laundry
2) Call in and pick up RXs
3) Pick up garbage out front (thanks to a neighborhood dog)
4) Clean all 3 bathrooms
5) Put Kota's clothes away (even at 10, she thinks everything fits in her underwear drawer)
6) Write this here blog

So far, as of 1:10 pm, I have put the whites in the dryer, driven PASSED the pharmacy AND the bank, put the dirty clothes on the floor of 2 of the 3 bathrooms and shut the door to Kota's room to avoid looking at the mess. BUT, I have begun to write this blog...but who knows when I will finish it.

Something is on my mind these days that I would like to share will all of you. Recently, my husband and I attended a fundraising function here in Charleston with some of his friends from work. One "gentleman" decided that he needed me to admit that I was my husband's bit*h. Now, anyone who knows me is probably rolling on the floor in a puddle of their own urine laughing till they cry at this thought. I am no one's anything. EVER. Especially that. BUT, I am extremely dedicated to my husband and his needs. I make is coffee in the morning for work (I drink some of it too), I pack his lunch, I do his laundry, I make his favorite dinners. Does that make me his bit*h? No. That makes me a loving and caring stay at home mommy and wife who's husband works two jobs and is too tired to deal with the everyday meanderings of this household. My husband is forever telling me how much he appreciates everything that I do and that I don't really need to do it. I say to him that while I do not leave the house to work, it is MY JOB to make sure that this household runs as smoothly as possibly with 3 children, a very naughty dog, and him working most of the time. I just wonder why so many people still have that "June Cleaver" mind-set that if a wife takes care of her husband and children the way that I do, that means that that is all that they are...nothing else. We all should be thankful that there are still marriages that exist this way.

Those of you who are ready to call Gloria Steinham on me and have my WOMAN card revoked please take note: MY HUSBAND WILL DO ANYTHING THAT I ASK HIM, INCLUDING RUB MY FEET AFTER HE GETS HOME FROM WORKING TWO JOBS.


Lupie said...

How do you spell jealous! That is what this man is! I have been married for 35 years and worked as a teacher for all 35 years. I was blessed to have my mother for the years when my girls were young to take care of them. I get home first start dinner and it's ready for my husband when he gets in the door. When I serve something that needs to be cut, chicken or steak, Yes I cut it for him. I hate to drive so when I want to get yarn, or any thing, he drives me amd waits outside as long as it takes! Every Sat. and Sun. when he gets up I like to have his coffee ready for him after his shower. He says thank you everytime.
My daughters make fun of me and say how is it member of the womes movement is in such a traditional marriage.
Well we just enjoy doing things for each other. I think, unless asked, people should keep their opinions to themselves. As a product of the womens movement, a card carrying member of NOW and yes I do have copy of Sisterhood is Powerful I always felt "united we stand divided we fall". All women no matter stay at home or working out of the house should be celebrated. I had to work out of the house and was put down by many stay at home moms at the time. It was hard to leave my daughters very day and then deal with these women but when a troop leader was needed I did it, when they needed a CCD teacher I did it. I always said being a homemaker is hard work with no cash pay off!!!( there are other pay offs) Ms Gloria said the same. Just keep being the awesome mom and wife you are but always remember to make time for yourself because if you don't take care of yourself you can not take care of others.
Your posts always touch me and I go on and on sorry.

Em said...

Thank you so much!!! So glad I am not alone in my quest for a happy and healthy marriage.