Friday, September 5, 2008

My Hanna Worries

Ok. So, right now, we are experiencing the beginnings of Tropical Storm Hanna. It's raining like a mother. The wind is howling. The possibility of losing electric is very high. Am I worried about not having the TV to watch? Nope. Am I worried that the babies milk will go bad and the juice go warm? Nope. Am I worried that the meat will thaw and spoil? Not in the least. Am I worried that the wine will not be chilled? Sort of (just must drink it faster). So, if I am not worried about any of those things...what is my main concern???


Yup. That is my number one concern. Hands down. I am trying to stay calm and collected. Keep a level head, ya know? Gotta think of something and FAST, just in case. Ok. I can send my husband to my local Starbucks to get me a double venti vanilla latte. JINKIES!!!!! If I don't have electricity, chances are, they don't either. *sigh* Now what??? What if we don't have electricity for a few days? What if the water is tainted and we can't make coffee for WEEKS????? OH DEAR LORD!!! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE WE MOVED DOWN HERE!!!!! WE NEVER LOST POWER UP HOME AND IF WE DID, IT WAS ONLY FOR A FEW HOURS AND ONLY IN HALF THE TOWN SO A RIDE TO SHEETZ SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!!!!

Sorry. Got excited. Off to chew several java beans, finish off the 3 bottles of wine and pray for wakeless sleep till the storm has passed and the electricity returns. I mean, if the power goes off at all. Guess I got ahead of myself.

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Sterling said...

I think that you are an amazing young woman with alot of grace and charm. You are a wonderful mother and a good wife and daughter. You are talented in so many areas that most people would love to be. God bless you and keep you safe. P.S. You can always buy a generator to make coffee!